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"I've worked with quite a few other agencies and there's a night and day difference with Palm & Marsh. It's not easy to understand our niche space, but they really get it. And it shows, our results have been outstanding."

Laura Hewitt, Sr. Director of Marketing

Palm&Marsh is a modern marketing & digital branding agency that helps build brilliant brands through people, not just pixels.

We have proven experience in successfully developing, maintaining, measuring, and optimizing modern marketing, personal branding and influencer marketing programs (with a human touch) for many types of companies and individual professionals.

We believe that by making the effort to uncover and foster an authentic personal brand, you can make your wisdom and experience more discoverable, shareable and memorable both online, through social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook,Wikipedia, and also in-person at meetings, conferences, networking events and more.

"I benefited tremendously from the way Jay pulls on all of his expertise: professional transformation, entrepreneurship and branding. He helped me to gain tremendous confidence that my authentic voice and what I have to offer is valuable to my customers."

Alli T., CEO

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